On-site Interpreting

On-site interpreting occurs when an interpreter has been organised to attend a venue nominated by the client. It is then that the interpreter works side by side with the client who has a need to communicate with an individual or a group of individuals who do not speak their language.

On-site interpreting can be conducted in such places as a court room, at a doctor’s office, at a business meeting, or during a police interview.

QITS Language Services can provide interpreters who are skilled and experienced in working in medical, court and business environments. Some of our interpreters have particular skills in interpreting in the area of mental health care, treatment and assessment. Our interpreters have substantial experience interacting with medical staff, judicial officers, lawyers and barristers, and with the administrative and support staff who rely on the interpreters to complete their interpreting assignments in a professional, ethical and fuss-free manner.

Our small team of administrative and booking staff at QITS are able to provide a very personalised service and can respond with speed and flexibility to the needs of our clients. When things need to move fast, or when last-minute changes require attention, our interpreting clients can call our office and ask for the staff they have come to know by name, or they can email them directly. We do not operate a large call-centre, allowing our staff to form friendly and effective working relationships with our clients. We work together with our clients and our interpreters to provide quality and timely onsite interpreting services across Queensland.

Here at QITS Language Services we pride ourselves on our service. We work to meet the needs of our clients in a way that makes it easy to do business with us. We have carved out something of a niche in the interpreting community as problem solvers who bring a can-do attitude and style of service provision to our day-to-day interactions with our clients and our interpreters. When the unanticipated happens, we move fast and we look for solutions. We are continuously working towards improving our service, so we can provide you with a quality experience.

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